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>> [ friend discovery & vertical communities are on fire right now! ]
The Stickiest, Most Addictive, Most Engaging, and Fastest-Growing Social Apps—and How to Measure Them
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Currently, two of the fastest growing categories across the social app ecosystem are friend discovery (platforms that allow members to discover and connect with one another, often through common interests) and vertical communities (those that enable further engagement around specific subjects or activities).

This illustrates what I believe the future of social will look like: interest-based platforms that drive meaningful new relationships.

Friend discovery apps like Itsme and Yubo allow users to meet new friends online based on common interests and personality types. Ultimately, friend discovery apps allow for users to grow their social graph, beyond engaging with their existing friends. It’s a promising expansion of a behavior we’ve more commonly seen in social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Friend-finding apps may excel at fostering meaningful bonds between users where social media incumbents have thus far fallen short.

>> [ anonymous messaging apps finds a niche! ]
Finding Friends — Maybe Even Lovers — Through Music-Sharing Apps
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[Joey] Khor had initially taken to TikTok to find others who shared her musical interests, but she found the video-based social media app too intimidating.

So when a video came across her For You page announcing the launch of Musicpals.io, an anonymous messaging app that uses Spotify data to match users based on their most-played songs, Khor was all in.

“It doesn’t feel pressured,” Musicpals founder Scott Hiett tells MTV News. “I wanted to create something accessible and friendly to everyone.”

>> [ playlists that connect people & match music tastes! ]

The popularity of [Matthew] Meyer’s playlist videos, which have amassed over 1.5 million likes, caught the attention of David Yap, co-founder of social media platform SameTunes that launched in August 2020. 

SameTunes partnered with Meyer to elevate their platform, which currently boasts 10,000 users, and to offer his audience a chance to compare their listening habits to his own. “It gives them a compatibility score and it’ll make them their own playlist with a mashup of my music taste and their music taste,” Meyer says.

>> [ solo listening turns into dynamic song sharing! ]
Alexa Adds Song Sharing Feature to Echo Smart Speakers and Mobile App
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Alexa can now share the music you enjoy with your friends even as you listen to it. The new Alexa Music Sharing feature serves a dual cause of encouraging people to see the voice assistant as a social tool and a good music streaming platform, one of the most popular uses for voice assistants in general.

Alexa users listening to a song on an Echo smart speaker or their smartphone can ask the voice assistant to share the music with any contact who owns an Echo or has the Alexa mobile app. The recipient will get a notification, and Alexa will ask if they want to hear the song and what device they want to play the song on and allowing them to send a reaction back to the sender.

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