The 2020 Top 5 – Our 5 most read about dope new startup ideas in 2020! 🤯📒✍️

PLUS, some early 2021 Predictions to close out the issue!

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This week we’ve unlocked our Top 5 most read about dope new startup ideas that we identified in the past year! 🔥
And to close out this issue, some 2021 predictions that we’re already thinking about and will be covering in upcoming newsletters — all based on the new market indicators & behavioral consumer trends we're tracking.

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THE 2020 TOP 5:
* We covered â€œChat Apps + Method Writing + Hollywood” in our Slack TV 🔥 drop.
* We covered â€œDJs + Restaurants + Food Delivery” in our DJ Curbside 🔥 drop.
* We covered â€œInfluencers + Gen Z + Sizzle Reels” in our SzzlReel 🔥 drop.
* We covered â€œScheduled TV + Streaming Services + Web Browsers” in our Ketchup TV 🔥 drop.
* We covered â€œAirpods + Audio-Only Apps + Fitness” in our AirOne 🔥 drop.

* In 2020, we identified some of the new ways in which video & audio entertainment — and even fitness content — is now being discovered and consumed.

Some behaviors were of course accelerated by the pandemic, while others were purely because of the adoption of newer devices and technology.

Two areas where we are already seeing a lot of opportunity for growth in 2021 are in the categories of:

  • Short-form (video, audio, and fitness) content

  • Hands free audio-first content

What is known today as short-form content has its origins in mobile gaming, and is commonly known as hyper-casual gaming. In short, hyper-casual games are characterized by being very lightweight and instantly playable â€” with fun, easy-to-learn game mechanics, and super short session lengths. The most dominant, breakout example outside of gaming that best leveraged these same mechanics in 2020 of course being TikTok.

As for hands free audio-first content, the huge acceleration and growth seen in the space over this past year can be directly correlated to the massive adoption of Airpods. Some notable examples from 2020 on the podcasting front include Anchor and Wavechat — while on the social audio-apps side, Clubhouse and Cappuccino.

That all said, we’ll get into this much more in the coming year. But if you do happen to work in these industries, or are working on something new in the space definitely hit us back!

Have a Happy New Year! 🎉

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