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* We covered “Airpods + Audio-Only Apps + Fitness” in our AirOne 🔥 drop.
And today... the beta of Running Stories was just announced for early adopters to check out.

Singaporean app puts you in the shoes of a story's hero to make your jogs fun

thanks sukhbir! https://twitter.com/sukhbir_cheema

Meet Running Stories, a brand new audio entertainment fitness app that was created by creative agency BBH Singapore. The app utilizes real-time data based on your environment to create an augmented audio narrative. Running Stories boasts several storylines which are often triggered as you pass certain GPS markers or landmarks, making each of your runs uniquely different.

Augmented audio reality is what makes Running Stories so exciting. It gets you to explore new routes by using real-time data that turns your run into a story.

* We covered “Streaming Content + Search + Micro-Entertainment” in our chandlerTV 🔥 drop.
And today... Netflix is now experimenting with short-form content feeds for its comedy catalog.

Netflix’s latest experiment is a TikTok-like feed of funny videos

thanks sarah! https://twitter.com/sarahintampa

With its latest experiment, Fast Laughs, Netflix is offering a new feed of short-form comedy clips drawn from its full catalog.

Fast Laughs resembles TikTok in the sense that it’s swiped through vertically, offers full-screen videos and places its engagement buttons on the right side.

* We covered “Pokémon Go + Waypoints + Digital Fitness” in our Daylight Rx 🔥 drop.
And today... more & more players are now using Pokémon Go as a way to stay active.

Pokémon GO Hits $1 Billion in 2020 as Lifetime Revenue Surpasses $4 Billion

thanks craig! https://twitter.com/craigchapple

To date, Pokémon GO has accumulated close to $4.2 billion in player spending globally. The United States has proven to be the most lucrative market, with revenue hitting $1.5 billion, or 36.3 percent of total spending.

At the same time, some players, practicing physical distancing, are turning to the title as a way to safely venture outdoors and stay active during this time.

* We covered “Amazon + Airbnb + Micro-Warehousing” in our airSMB* 🔥 drop.
And today... grocery chains & retailers alike are now scrambling to test all flavors of micro-fulfillment in order to meet the sudden demand brought on by e-commerce.

Smaller Is Big in New E-Commerce Warehouses

thanks jennifer! https://twitter.com/jensmithWSJ

It [Micro-fulfillment] is aimed at speeding up the delivery of goods to consumers in cities through operations that pack large numbers of products into tight, urban spaces. The sites are far smaller than the typical sprawling, labor-intensive distribution centers in remote industrial parks, and they are becoming a new focus for retailers adjusting to the changes in consumer markets.

By squeezing those operations into urban warehouses and the backs of stores, businesses hope to pare delivery times so online orders reach their destinations in hours, not days.

* We covered “Prime Day + Made-Up Holidays + Social Commerce” in ThePrimeIsRight 🔥 drop.
And today... livestreaming is now being leveraged to better socially connect with consumers.

Singles Day: Alibaba sales blitz rakes in $75 billion as Chinese shake off Covid-19

thanks sherisse! https://twitter.com/sherisse

Alibaba said on Thursday that the annual sales frenzy broke records again, raking in 498.2 billion yuan (roughly $75 billion).

The event — also known as Double 11 — is pegged to China's informal, anti-Valentine's Day holiday that celebrates people who aren't in relationships. It takes place on November 11, a date that was chosen because it is written as four ones, or singles.

Alibaba's Singles Day sales set record $74bn with help from livestreaming

thanks nikki! https://twitter.com/hk_nikkisun

Livestreaming has played a bigger role in enticing price-sensitive customers this year. During the peak of the sales event, some 583,000 orders were placed each second, with hundreds of millions of shoppers logging on from midnight to grab bargains.

More than 400 company executives and 300 celebrities are conducting livestreams during the Singles Day promotion.

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