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>> [ link-in-bio gets big! ]
Linktree Raises $45M in Series B Funding
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Linktree, a Melbourne, Australia-based linking platform, raised $45M in Series B funding.

The round was co-led by Index Ventures, and Coatue, with participation from returning investors AirTree Ventures and Insight Partners.

Linktree provides a platform that enables brands, artists, publishers, agencies, creators and small businesses to curate an online ecosystem, guiding their audience to the destinations that they care about, without using a search engine or websites as a starting point.

The platform has more than 12 million users globally, 4 million of whom signed up in the last three months.

>> [ influencers unlock the potential for link-in-bio! ]
The links that do it all, and the scrappy startups that power them
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If you want to learn more about an influencer, there’s one place you always know to look: that link in bio.

These singular, powerful links blanket the internet through companies like Carrd, Linktree, and

“We see Linktree used on pretty much every social platform... on email signatures and business cards, and then across Medium, and Spotify, and Pinterest, and TikTok, and Twitter,” says Alex Zaccaria, Linktree’s CEO. The service has “just completely replace[d] the mobile website.”

>> [ link-in-bio redefines ecom on social media! ]
How Linktree and became the new digital storefront
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Over the last year, Linktree — a small Australian tech company — has quietly reshaped how people buy products on social media.

It’s no secret that product discovery increasingly happens while scanning through Instagram and TikTok pages. Influencers have become a staple of brand promotion, and affiliate marketing — where large publications and regular people alike can earn a commission on products they promote — has minted a new class of product recommendation accounts on platforms like TikTok.

To get their commission, those influencers refer their followers to third-party landing pages like Linktree and, which list out all of the products in a stacked format. 

In particular, Amazon influencers rely on Linktree and to earn their commissions through affiliate links.

Both Linktree and have integrations with Amazon, and Box told Modern Retail that 375,000 Linktree accounts currently use Amazon links. 

>> [ link-in-bio leaps forward with native monetization! ]
Beacons debuts a ‘link in bio’ mobile website builder that helps creators make money, not just list links
thanks sarah!

An area where Beacons differentiates itself from other “link in bio” website builders, however, is with its set of “monetization” blocks. Today, it has four tools for creators who want to generate revenue from their online presence. One of these is similar to Cameo, as it allows the creator to set up a menu of options to take fan requests for personalized content.

Other monetization blocks allow creators to accept donations, or sell digital downloads — like e-books or paid video content, for instance.

The fourth, and perhaps most interesting, monetization block is a TikTok shopping feature. It allows creators to embed their TikTok videos where they recommend products directly on their Beacons website. From here, they can add affiliate links to the products in question, allowing them to directly generate revenue when fans purchase the items they’ve featured.

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