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$5.vc is an email newsletter for the most ambitious & creative people.

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At the Annual & Monthly subscription levels, in addition to receiving the weekly member-only newsletter, you will get complete access to our full archive, as well as be able to post comments & join the community!

Are the Domains and Brand IP seen on $5.vc for sale?

Yes, but limited to $5.vc annual subscribers only. Any negotiated sale typically includes the transfer of domain, any collected emails from said domain, and any agreed upon advisory services from $5.vc (deal terms will vary). To get in touch, please fill out our Sales Inquiry Typeform.

What are $5.vc Advisory Services?

A concierge advisory service of product, marketing, and branding strategists specialized in naming & brand development, product market fit, GTM strategy, growth & retention modeling, and new market segmentation.

Interested in working together?

We work with a limited number of clients at a time to ensure the highest quality of work. Please fill out our Advisory Services Typeform, and our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

What is Executive Collab?

Limited to just ONE Cohort per quarter, Executive Collab is our foray into providing an opportunity for our members to collaborate with us on their own ideas & objectives an on independent basis. It utilizes forums such as open office hours & consult sessions where members can privately ask questions & seek advice on subject matter related to either their current businesses, or upcoming new ventures.

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