Part Two – What's on deck for Social Commerce and Gen Z Influencers?!! 🤳🛍️🎬⏩

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What's on deck for Social Commerce and Gen Z Influencers?!! 🤳🛍️🎬⏩

* The Market Indicators & Behavioral Consumer Trends we've identified.
>> [ brands are prioritizing authenticity to become part of the cultural conversation! ]
‘Go where their audiences are’: Why some brands are ‘prioritizing TikTok’ when it comes to influencer marketing
thanks kristina!

Brands like Chobani, Verizon and Alaska Airlines, among others, have prioritized working with TikTok influencers as part of recent marketing efforts.

Over the last quarter, “there’s been a significant acceleration in the investments our brands are making on TikTok,” noted Brendan Gahan, chief social officer and partner at Mekanism. “It’s shocking how quickly they’ve managed to go from that experimental bucket to nearly being a campaign staple on par with Facebook.

The growth of TikTok spending, particularly with influencers and for those brands focused on younger audiences, comes as the app has broadened its popularity to millennials during the pandemic, noted Wellhousen, adding that the move is often coming from brands that want to be seen as part of culture.

“But there are other reasons, like the ability to test content for a lower cost on TikTok — by nature, the app is more effective when you use it natively versus the more produced style of content you typically see on Instagram.”

>> [ apps pivot into unscripted, less manicured, spontaneous content! ]
thanks kevin!

Poparazzi, founded by Alex and Austen Ma, debuted on Monday and has ranked as the App Store’s no. 1 overall and photo/video app in the U.S. every day since, Apptopia data shows.

Poparazzi’s unique premise is helping to drive the intrigue. The app is all about taking pictures of other people — its camera function can’t be flipped to be front-facing, and you can only populate your profile with pictures others have taken or uploaded of you (and users can curate which photos appear on their profile).  

As the company said in its launch-day statement, “On Poparazzi, you are your friend’s paparazzi, and they are yours.” The purpose is to create a depressurized social media environment and encourage content that’s less manicured than what might typically be found on something like Instagram.    

The app fits in with the wave of newer social platforms, including TikTok and Clubhouse, which encourage more casual and off-the-cuff content than something like Instagram.  

* Distilling the market indicators & consumer tailwinds into a dope idea.

A lot of social platforms today — like Instagram — have long propagated the idea of living and sharing your “best picture-perfect documented life.”

And then apps like Douyin and TikTok came along and shifted this paradigm in both form factor and voice. Photos evolved into short-form videos, and the content itself started to look less produced, creating the foundation for creators to share their most authentic voice. Gen Z quickly took notice, and have since valued and now gravitate to this flavor of content.

The dope idea here is to expand on this new social reality, and take all the learnings behind the success of TikTok-like platforms — an authentic voice, less manufactured content, and the use of short-form videos — and take a note from the Poparazzi app and lean further into the type of content that reeks of authenticity and resonates big time with Gen Z influencers and audiences alike. Create content of each other, for each other.

Instead of “me” creating videos of “me” living my best unboxing-shopping-wearing-makeuping-travelling-eating-drinking-cooking-yoga-starbucks life — the v2 goal of this new social reality should be capturing the honest conversations of all your friends, families, and yes even strangers who are living experiences for the first time.

We’ve loosely dubbed this “a paparazzi app for product experiences!”

The social conversation has now evolved from being one that is self-centered, self-absorbed, and highly curated, to one that is open, authentic, and considerate of others.

* Taking the idea & amplifying that into tactical action. Development of the Brand IP, securing a legit Domain Name, then making it Internet LIVE.
  • Etymology, Insights, and Cultural Inspo behind the naming of: Popped You

    So why the name Popped You?

    The name Popped You 100% gets its inspo from the Poparazzi app — and the idea of you and your friends “popping” candid off-the-cuff photos of each other, for each other.

    The wordplay between paparazzi, poparazzi, popping, and popped — and the current hype-cycle of the Poparazzi app itself [at #1 in the App Store for a week] also cannot be denied!

    What’s the inspo behind the Popped You logo?

    The first iteration of the logo had its early beginnings with each of the letters laid out in a typical Instagram grid of 9 squares.

    Popped You is social, Instagram is social.

    Popped You is 9 letters, Insta’s 9 grid template is social apps 101.

    We just simply, in the end, decided to drop the grid to keep the design well, uhhh… less manicured. Yuuup, we said it!

  • Check out Popped You (!

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