PART 2 – AR & VR startups are coming in Hot! 🔥 Into the Metaverse we Go! 🥽

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* AR + VR + Metaverse 🔥
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AR & VR startups are coming in Hot! Into the Metaverse we Go!

* The Market Indicators & Behavioral Consumer Trends we've identified.
>> [ metaverse gaming to surpass $3B in 2022! ]
Metaverse mobile game revenues will surpass $3 billion in 2022, says App Annie
thanks aaron!

Mobile app analytic firm App Annie has released a report sharing its predictions for what apps and games it expects to see a rise in popularity in 2022.

The firm predicts that metaverse mobile games will grow to over $3.1 billion in consumer spending in 2022.

App Annie predicts that games that operate a play-to-earn model, combined with metaverses which "emphasize player expression", will be the biggest drivers of mobile game innovation in 2022.

>> [ gotta love the hype cycle — nothing is going quite metaverse yet! lol ]
There's more to the metaverse than Meta
thanks adverty!

Mostly, the hype cycle around the metaverse involves products and infrastructure that don’t quite exist yet. To render genuinely compelling environments, we need quantum computing, mature blockchain technology, stable cryptocurrencies and protocols around NFTs. The goggles, headsets, haptic interfaces and digital skins we will presumably use haven’t been made yet.

Epic Games has assembled a $1 billion war chest to back its own developments, CEO Tim Sweeney picturing “an online playground where users could join friends to play a multiplayer game like Epic’s “Fortnite” one moment, watch a movie via Netflix the next, and then bring their friends to test drive a new car that’s crafted exactly the same in the real world as it would be in this virtual one.”

Microsoft is also on the case, and used a trial version of Teams with digital avatars to onboard new staff during lockdown. And former Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes the metaverse can be a Big Tech game-changer, potentially giving well-placed, as-yet-unknown start-ups the leverage to disrupt today’s big players.

* Distilling the market indicators & consumer tailwinds into a dope idea.

The current frenzy around what the metaverse could be and/or should be and who will be the one to build it [and own your life inside it 😨] is a bit insane.

So it’s super important to remember that any true metaverse is meant to be an open ecosystem.

It’s highly unlikely that a single company will build the metaverse [sorry Meta 😹]. In reality, the metaverse would most likely be a huge, decentralized network of worlds and experiences that are interoperable to some degree.

The question now, is in which direction and on what part of the metaverse would you want to build a product around. Right now we can roughly dump most of these companies into one of two categories — Engines and Meta-creators.

Engines are the group of startups that develop the tools to create all forms of 3D environments.

And Meta-creators are the ones that are working to create those online worlds and the people you’ll supposedly meet there.

The one other decision that you’ll need to make is — are you building for B2B use cases, or potentially the more fun & engaging B2C audiences.

As we’ve noted before, most new tech has historically been introduced to the masses through the means of various entertainment industries — because when something is fun and engaging, new participants are willing to invest the time needed into learning all about it.

And we strongly believe the metaverse is no different. It not being entertaining in someway is just a nonstarter for us — it’s gotta be fun to attract those very first adopters.

That said, we’re 100% leaning into B2C — into categories like gaming.

Whatever you do next, keep in mind it’s still very early days.


* Taking the idea & amplifying that into tactical action. Development of the Brand IP, securing a legit Domain Name, then making it Internet LIVE.
  • Etymology, Insights, and Cultural Inspo behind the naming of: metaburgers

    So why the name metaburgers?

    Because in every metaverse, burgers will not cease to exist! LOL 🍔🍔🍔😜

    We do love the play on letters though…

    meat vs meta! meat burgers vs meta burgers! haha.

  • Check out metaburgers here!

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